View Poll Results: Does the Trackball on the Pearl feel more sturdy than Curve's?

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every now and then my trackball will stick and not go in a certain direction, ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Re: Curve owners... (Trackball Question)


    every now and then my trackball will stick and not go in a certain direction, but with a little cajoling i can get it working (at least everytime so far)

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    I just switched from the pearl. The curve trackball takes some getting used to, but now I'm pretty comfortable with it. The pearl's feels sturdier, however.

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    Re: Curve owners... (Trackball Question)

    The trackball on my 8800 feel much smoother and better quality than the curve I have.

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    Re: Curve owners... (Trackball Question)

    I noticed that too. My wife just got the new red 8100 for Valentines day, and I have to say that the trackball IS more sturdy than that on my 8300. It just feels better, but im still keepin my curve! I had an 8100, and this curve is the best!

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    Re: Curve owners... (Trackball Question)

    After yet futher consideration, inspection, & usage of my 8100, 8310, & 8820. I find the trackballs all the same, with only the slightest difference in tactile feel. This is nothing more than the slight variations due to manufacturing tolerances.

    However I do have an easy maintenance tip that does NOT require disassembly or removal of the ball.

    Get a can of denatured alcohol from Home Depot or a hardware store. Do Not use rubbing alcohol as it leaves a slight residue.

    Get a Q-Tip, wet it in the alcohol and simply touch it to the ball & roll the ball around with it to moisten the entire surface of the ball. Then stop & wait a few moments for it to evaporate.

    This not only cleans slippery skin oils off the ball, but cleans the rollers the ball runs on. This is also good to do with a brand new BB as its not unusual for the track ball to skip when new.

    I do this once every 10 days & notice a much more precise movement & better accuracy.
    ~via BB (

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