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Originally Posted by BBwannabe I'm in the Bay Area. I should qualify my statement - ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Re: Curve On The Way To Verizon


    Quote Originally Posted by BBwannabe
    I'm in the Bay Area. I should qualify my statement - it's not so much that ATT sucked as their call clarity pales in comparison to Verizon's. When I use my VZW 8703, people think I'm on a landline. When I used ATT's Curve, it was very clear I was calling from a cell phone. I use my phone for alot of conference calls, so the voice aspect is almost as important as data. Thus, I have to stay with Verizon.
    I can't believe what I'm reading! I'm about to leave VZW for ATT! I am new to VZW (2wks) on my 2ND 8830. I have the exact oppisite complaint that you gave! Call clarity is HORRIBLE with VZW on the 8830 (Both for me and the other party). I just checked out the phone clarity on a Curve today on ATT and it is CLEAR! Do you think Im going to suffer with their browser apps? is Sprint more comperable with VZW?

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    Re: Curve On The Way To Verizon

    I just switched from VZW to ATT and I haven't had any problems with voice clarity on the Curve. I actually get better service/coverage with ATT than I did with VZW at home. Now while in the past I would have said VZW had the best service and coverage I'm not so sure that is true anymore. Furthermore, remember that even if you wait and get an 8330 from VZW the phone will be severely limited in its capabilities. VZW loves to lock many features on the phone so you have to pay them to use em so do not expect to be able to do everything an ATT 8300 would be able to do.

    P.S.- I should have mentioned that I was with VZW for the past 6 years and while the service was great inititally I have noticed a steady decline in service in the past year or so. Not sure why but I noticed things like in my house where I used to have almost full service has dropped to 1 or maybe 2 bars. While their service may be good for others I don't think their claim of having the best service is true anymore. I think all the big carriers have similar coverage now and, aside from VZW, have competitive pricing and features. I think VZW is laggin behind other companies especially in the international scene. Good luck travelling overseas and using your phone. I think that over the years the playing field has been evened out and the glory days of VZW are no longer.
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    Re: Curve On The Way To Verizon

    Well. I've been with VZW for three years. I recently switched to T-Mobile for the curve, and then switched back. The level of professionalism doesn't compare to VZW, and neither does the coverage in my opinion. A contender I will admit, but I must go back to the root of why I own a cell phone. If I'm in the jungle hunting wabbits, on the subway, or sitting at home, I needed service. The plans are expensive, but I must say you get what you pay for in regards to clarity and reception. I love my 8703, and now have an 8800 world phone coming!! Although it doesn't compare to the curve, it will work until the curve comes to VZW.

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    Re: Curve On The Way To Verizon

    Lots of rumors. Still no VZW Curve.
    Anyone have anything new on this topic??

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    So I just got back from a Verizon store. I was buying a cover for my boyfriend's phone and the guy was telling me that Verizon is getting the Curve soon. He didn't give me a date but said it would be a GPS phone with no Wifi, so I assumed the 8310. This is just what he told me, so I don't have any real facts or evidence. But there's hope for Verizon customers.

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