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OK, so I know that the 8320 on TMo USA has no GPS but here's ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    OK, so I know that the 8320 on TMo USA has no GPS but here's my ? anyway - I installed Google Maps and it works great - pinpoints my local and all. Isn;t that using GPS? I tried AmazeGPS to no avail. Am I missing something?

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    No, that is using the cell towers to pinpoint the general location you are at. That is what that blue circle means, it thinks you are somewhere within that circle. GPS, depending on the signal and how good of a device you are can tell you where you are within 10 - 50 feet. Google has a service where they can pinpoint which is what you are using.

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    If you get an external bluetooth GPS module, then Google Maps can use that. And most other GPS-based applications.

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