I have noticed that when I tether my bb curve 8320 to my PC to use as a modem it works fine and actually grabs the wifi connection and I get way fast speed on my PC for a while then the connection will time out and I am not able to browse anything else on my pc until I disconnect the curve and pull the battery. If I don't pull the battery the Curve will still browse the internet via both wifi and GPRS/EDGE on the phone itself, but even though It will connect to the pc like normal it will not actually browse the internet on the pc until after the phone has completely rebooted via battery removal or other means. I know the specs don't list wifi tethered as an option but I was just wondering if anyone had found a fix. Both RIM and T-mobile have stated that it simply isn't meant for that but I don't accept that answer. There is a modem program you can download from MobiShark.com but it's only trial and it's not guaranteed to fix the issue and it's 50.00 bucks I'm not willing to spend that kinda money on something just to get a faster connection I can buy a wifi card for that price for christ sake. anyway any help would be great thanks in advance