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    Convert iTunes Podcast Videos


    I have found a lot of iTunes video podcasts that come in the MP4 file format, which I had hoped would all play on my Curve. However, the vast majority play audio only with no video (i.e. The Onion). Some play video and audio, but not at all in sync (i.e. Webb Alert).

    If I convert the MP4's to AVI using Blackberry Video Converter, the videos work great, but that is a real pain. I want to be able to quickly convert everything in place in a batch because I am sync'ing my iTunes podcast directory with my Curve's memory card.

    Note: I have also tried the media manager, but it does not appear to convert MP4 files.

    Super by eRightSoft seems to work, but erratically. I can't figure out the righ output settings to get it reliable.

    I just want a reliable and easy way to convert all of my video automatically or in batch mode (overwriting the originals, preferably.

    While I am on the subject of video... I am still irritated that videos are not arranged into folders as I have them on the media card. The Curve media player just dumps all videos in a huge list. Despite the find function, they are very hard to filter through...
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