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I got my new BB Curve yesterday (10/24) and I am in love with it, ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question Confused...


    I got my new BB Curve yesterday (10/24) and I am in love with it, but the only problem is, is that I got the internet for $30/month and I'm not seeing internet.... I checked everywhere on this phone and it's nowhere to be found. Am I blind or stupid?

    I used the disks that came with it (VZAccess Manager Software and BB User tools disc) I went onto the VZAccess Manager software disc and the broadband-national access popped up.(it was the only option I had; internet wise) I dont want Broadband-National Access.Is that the only option I have for Verizon? It said that I have only 5GB's to use per month but I'm not getting why Unlimited Access to the Email and Internet costs $30/month with an allowance...? Does that make sense? lol

    I'm sorry if I confused you all...

    Please try and help me out if you can!

    I appreciate it a bunch!


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    With my sprint 8330 you have to provision the phone first for the internet to work

    Go to options> mobile network> hit the menu key the click start provisioning should work after that

    If not I would call verizon~via BB (

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    Did u buy from store or online? My wife and I got ours via internet through verizon and my wife had to call verizon then use the setup wizard to get them running. I don't know if that will help but that's how we got ours working.via BB (

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    On Verizon phones you have to register your phone to get the browser icon for internet access. Here's how...
    options>advanced options>host rousting table>menu>register now
    then just back out and you should be able to see your browser icon.

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