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Can I do this?? I have sprint if that matters. I have the 8330 curve. ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Conecting to pc via bluetooth?


    Can I do this?? I have sprint if that matters. I have the 8330 curve. I have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse for my pc. I just tried and I cannot figure it out. I have my phone and pc paired but I cannot connect.

    I called sprint and they said they dont support it? Am I missing something? If they dont support it why are all the features there? I mean right now they are both paired with each other.

    Is there any way to connect them to share files and pics??

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

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    Im assuming to only share files and pics, right? If so, i believe its no. Bluetooth is only for syncing with the pc. use the usb cord, its faster anyways.

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    I also have an 8330 Curve from Sprint. I tried the same thing and had similar results. Customer Service gave me the same response - they do not support file transfer through bluetooth. They will only support external devices such as a bluetooth earpiece. I agree that it's ridiculous. Basically there is nothing we can do to get it to work.......

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    Ok I am a little confused because on my Alltel 8330 I am able to tranfer pics and files from my BB to my laptop all be it one file at a time. As far as using DM thru blue tooth all you can do is sync.

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    I am running XP Pro and have a 8330 from VZW but this works for me (YMMV). First go into your control panel on your PC and open up your BLUETOOTH DEVICES icon/OPTIONS. You mentioned that it is already paired so you should be good there, otherwise click on the box next to TURN DISCOVERY ON and under connections check the box next to ALLOW BLUETOOTH DEVICES TO CONNECT TO THIS COMPUTER as well as SHOW THE BLUETOOTH ICON IN THE NOTIFICATION AREA. Now all you do is right click on the bluetooth icon next to your clock on the taskbar and select RECEIVE A FILE. On your BB you would choose to send the pic (for example) using bluetooth. Your PC will prompt you for a path to save the file and the transfer begins. Hope this works for you.

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