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I just migrated over from Telus where I had a Pearl ... I just picked ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Lightbulb Concern - New Curve from Rogers -


    I just migrated over from Telus where I had a Pearl ... I just picked up a Curve new from a Rogers Dealer yesterday ....

    My Pearl I could hook into my Dodge Charger using a mini RCA adapter cable and play music and so can the Curve, the one thing my Pearl could do that I cannot get the Curve to do is hear my phone conversations over my Car Stereo

    I would be able to hook my Pearl onto my dash and plug it in and talk on the phone but I cannot do that with the Curve ... it will not let me hear the phone conversations ....

    In addition I notice that there are a few emoticons on my Pearl that I don't have on my Curve

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Here is my about from my Curve, did they sell me the latest model?

    BlackBerry® 8310
    smartphone (EDGE)
    v4.2.2.163 (Platform
    Cryptographic Kernel v3.8.4.47
    Micro Edition Configuration: CLDC-1.1
    Micro Edition Profile: MIDP-2.0
    Micro Edition JTWI Version: 1.0
    Micro Edition Media Version: 1.1
    Micro Edition PIM Version: 1.0
    Micro Edition File Version: 1.0

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    I feel sorry for you - personal experience but you're going to regret going to Rogers, espoecially since Telus has unlimited data and a better Curve in specs.
    Regarding your situation, you're using the 4.2 software, so that could be playing a factor - Telus' pearl and curve come with 4.3 - probably the reason for the issues.
    Check either the Rogers or the Blackberry downloads site and see if 4.3 is available.

    Good luck and don't say I didn't warn you regarding Rogers. ;-)
    ~via BB8330 (

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