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    Comparing the 8820 to 8900


    I just upgraded to the 8820 because of the wifi and i learned the the 8900 should be out shortly. I still have 14 day to return the phone but i thought i get the people on pinstack there opinion 1st.

    I have been comparing the 2 phone a lot lately and i see the only difference i mean big difference to me anyway is the camera, the bigger more pixel screen, the 4.6.0 OS, its thin like the 8300 curve and the 3.5mm insteas of the 2.5mm like the 8820 has.

    I really dont care for the cam and whats the big difference between the 4.6.0 and 4.5.0 OS. are there any other difference between the 2. I got the 8820 from t-mobile for 69.99 with a 2yr upgrade and curve for me with a 2yr upgrade would be 199.99. so what would you do, hold off and pay more or get a 1yr old phone with almost the same features.

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    you will be better off with the 8900 dude. That's just me though, I dunno about other people here. I played with an 88xx once and not a big fan at all. Return that thing and stick with your 8800 a bit longer till it drops .
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    Definitely better off with the 8900.
    The ONLY 130.00$ premium to go up to a next gen device which adds the improvements below is definitely worth it :

    Faster processor
    AMAZING screen.
    Camera (and what a camera!)
    256 Ram (no more memory problems)
    4.6 with documents to go and all the improvements
    Nice design
    3.5mm with stereo bluetooth as well

    Any other questions ?

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