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I thought I would save space and put 2 items in one post. 1. Trackwheel: ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    clickball and music videos


    I thought I would save space and put 2 items in one post.

    1. Trackwheel: why is it whenever I'm parusing a website with links on it, that the page jumps a page length, even though I'm trying to go slow through the page? Is this some thing that can't be avoided?

    2. Is it actually possible to look at music videos on the BB? I can watch news videos from news sites, but not music videos, of which fact I am very unhappy.

    Any ideas on either of these queries would be very much appreciated.
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    1, which browser are you using? BBbrowser or Opera? whichever, the trackball scrolling does have a tendacy to jump, large pictures, an from link to link, ESPECIALLY if the page has not finished loading. Make sure you let it fully load, also use Your space to scroll one page at a time, instead of your trackball.

    2, There are some places you can download music videos just search here on the stacks for video places (video websites blackberry 4.2) but since you are running OS 4.2 you wont find many.

    It also depends on the site you are trying to use to watch the video, if it is flash based then NO you wont be able to.

    Hope that helps
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    Youtube is your friend. Oh wait I think u need to upgrade to OS 4.5 to view videos on youtube. That also explains ur trackball problem. If u upgrade OS it turns ur trackball into a mouse and u have a pointer the moves around when u move the trackball instead of just scrolling. Not to mention it installs a video camera too~via BB (

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