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I added this comment to a thread on charging the 8310 but thought I might ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question Charging problem - any ideas?


    I added this comment to a thread on charging the 8310 but thought I might post here to see if anyone else has had this issue.

    Anyone have a problem with the 8310 failing to charge? I left it plugged in most of the day and had no calls I picked it up to use it and the battery was only 25% and it had been near full when plugged in the night before. Now the when plugging in the charger it shows the plug icon for a few seconds and then it goes away. It is not charging. Charger works on my 8700 and connecting via USB to the laptop produces the same result of icon on then off and no charging.

    I can confirm that the charger is working on another phone. It would appear to be an issue with my 8310 but it does seem to recognize the plug in just will not charge. So maybe the connection is good but something internal. I removed the battery to reset in the event it was OS related. Anything else I should do to try to fix short of the erase restore?


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    Re: Charging problem - any ideas?

    ok you asked in 3 locations... keep it in one location so those trying to assist can see the history

    as to the problem, I would go to the wireless carrier you have and ask them to try a one of their batteries. They often have a tech. dept that has a spare bttery. After that, time for warranty service
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