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Hi Guys. I have a big problem. I dropped my phone a month or so ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Changing 8310 cover


    Hi Guys. I have a big problem.
    I dropped my phone a month or so ago and it had a nasty scratch at teh top which i wanted to get rid of.

    I searched the net and found very few places here in the uk that selles replacement covers(preferably red).

    I got in contact with a seller on ebay from china who had a range of covers that suited my needs. I got one delivered there yesterday but on the back of the cover it is missing the all important rivets to where the screws go into (Im sure youve come across them at some point).

    Ive been sending emails back and forth to the ebay, there english isnt great but they bascially say that none of the covers have these rivets which basically make them useless as it means the phone doesnt lock in at the top and now im left qith a gap.

    Does anybody know where i can get genuine covers from that have these all important rivets.

    Need to be able to post to UK.

    I was looking for black but there vary rare.

    Thanks for any help


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    Just Ask
    Try and the site also provides step-by-step videos.
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    yea.. i was about to say

    it takes a while for it to get to the states cause its from China, but they are OEM and awesome..

    i would imagine that it would be faster getting to the UK

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    I used just last week and the housing looks fine.

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