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a couple of days ago the phone rang and i hit the green button and ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    cant hear thru the handset. help me!


    a couple of days ago the phone rang and i hit the green button and put the phone to my ear and nothing the ear piece wasnt working i called my phone from my land line and it didnt work. it worked on speaker phone and it worked with the ear phones in but not thru the handset. i took the phone apart and my question is, what can i use to clean the little prongs? i have the little towel used for glasses, i cleaned it off with that. can i use any kind of solution to clean it? i havent droped the phone or anything. it sleeps in a cradle at night and it is in a zipper case thru out the day. does anyone kno what could of caused this? thank you ~katie

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    Sounds like the earpiece gave out, which can happen.

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    Sorry to hear about bmxchick8t, I had something similar happen after I got my 8100 wet. I noticed you mentioned you haven't dropped the device or anything, how long have you had the device? This should be covered by your warranty if you've had the device less than a year.
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    Like j llama stated, this is common, and is covered by the 1-year warranty, assuming you are still under warranty.

    If you are out of warranty, I think it is safe to say you are going to have to repair it yourself, or send it in for a service, which will cost you.

    Basically that sums up your options, because I don't believe your issue is software related.

    Good luck, and I hope you get your BB fixed!


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    just got mine back after sending it back to bb to fix
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