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so im getting a Palm PDA to use at my job. i was trying to ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question Can i bluetooth a Palm TX pda to my TMOBILE Curve and let it use internet?


    so im getting a Palm PDA to use at my job. i was trying to see if there is a way to do this:

    1.) i have BIS through tmobile unlimited plan
    2.) i have a 8320 blackberry curve
    3.) i am getting a Palm TX PDA that has wifi and bluetooth.

    can i allow my blackberry and palm to bluetooth to each other and then use the internet on my pda through my blackberry?

    i work in a hospital with no wifi so this would really help me out a lot. i had considerred leaving my blackberry bc i need a palm device for med software that blackberry cannot run.

    please let me know if this can be done people.

    PALM--------bluetooth--------BLACKBERRY CURVE---------internet

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    If you are considering leaving your blackberry you could go with a palm centro or the new treo thats coming out soon. Otherwise I think you are outta luck. You could atempt tethering them together, but from last I checked, this was not a possibility.

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