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    Calendar WIPE OUT??


    [FONT=Arial]Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows how I can delete all my past calendar setting from a certain date back? For example, delete everything from Jan 1st 2007 and back. The reason being is that backing up my device is starting to take a long time when it gets to the calendar section.[/FONT]

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    Re: Calendar WIPE OUT??


    Gonna give this a try with the disclaimer that I am a pearl user....
    Try this...go into your calendar, select the date you want to save from forward and hit menu. You should get a DELETE PRIOR option.
    Also - go into OPTIONS in the menu and you will have the ability to set KEEP APPOINTMENTS # of days.
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    Re: Calendar WIPE OUT??

    You can set the number of days forward and back you want to synch in Desktop Manager under Sychronize, configure. I believe this will deleat the appointment outside those settings.
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