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I am a curve 8300 user, v4.2.2.146(Platform I notice that a number of my ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Calendar reminder problems


    I am a curve 8300 user, v4.2.2.146(Platform I notice that a number of my appointments/tasks do not prompt a reminder. I have searched the forums and taken the link to Blackberry website where the patch is. There is no patch listed for my phone.
    Are there any other suggestions? Is there anything that can be done in the interim before a patch comes out?

    Is there any problem when there are conflicting appointments? Does it default to the earlier one and ignore the other?


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    Re: Calendar reminder problems

    Try using the newest ATT OS. It does not need a patch. Good Luck!

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    Re: Calendar reminder problems

    Read through this thread, Curve Calendar Patch. It will give you a link the solution ,but as Prorock said, the best way is to get the latest AT&T Handheld Software Package and install it.

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    Re: Calendar reminder problems

    This is a stupid question, but I never had this problem before, and only recently started having problems with reminders not coming up on my Blackberry, but they come up on my computer.

    Do I need to try the newest ATT OS or should I call up ATT about this?

    Will the latest software screw up any items that I already have on my handheld?

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    Re: Calendar reminder problems

    I would just update your OS.

    This is the latest one if you have the 8300:

    These are directions:

    No nothing will get messed up.

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