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I finally just got the Curve last night...went from Pearl to 8800 to iPhone and ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Calendar Entries Disappearing


    I finally just got the Curve last night...went from Pearl to 8800 to iPhone and now to Curve and tempted to bring it back!

    I've had great experiences with both pearls, but with this one, i had trouble with registering with the network and getting email to work, but that's been solved since thi smorning...

    Now the problem I have is, I synced it with my Mac laptop last night. No problem there, got all my contacts and calendar entries onto the phone (although the pictures associated with the contacts didn't get transferred for some, somewhere along the line of trying to register the phone with the TMobile network and getting gmail to work, my entire calendar entry got wiped out. just disappeared. It was annoying but I just went and sync'ed it again with the laptop. No problem there. This morning, I had to restart my phone. Did a battery pull and boom, there we go again. All entries gone. Has anyone seen similar issues? I will sync the entries again when I get home tonight but I'd be super annoyed if it happens again and would like to know how to prevent this. Thanks for anyone who's able to help...

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    Re: Calendar Entries Disappearing

    I have the 8310 and have also had problems when syncing it with my Macbook. However, when I use my Windows laptop to sync it, it seems like it works just fine. I have no idea what is going on, but would like some assistance as well. The other day, when I synced my bb with my Mac, it selectively deleted some of my numbers.

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