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Ive got both, and I must say IMO the Curve is a far superior device... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Ive got both, and I must say IMO the Curve is a far superior device

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    Came from an 8830. Love the shape, size, keyboard layout the most, and the added functionality with the camera (not the greatest but can't have it all)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Debbieg708 View Post
    I am so jealous. I agree should have started with the curve. But got sucked into the cute factor. Well live and learn.
    Lol, same thing happened to me. I thought the curve was to wide and would be hard to type on...boy was I wrong!

    I was gonna jump for the Storm but I'm so used to the keyboard and feel of the Curve that I'll probably hold off for a Javelin. I can easily type one handed (albeit slower) with my 8330 and the only way to do that with the Storm is in portrait mode /w Suretype...yuk.

    Congrats RIM, the curve is such a nice little package that it's actually enough to hold me over with the Storm looming ahead.

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    I have the 8830, 8130, and 8330 and have to say i like all of them. I do like the pearl's size but the curve is by far a better device. Hope you like your choice. The best thing about BBs is you can always go back and forth as you want. Thats why I keep all of mine around.
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    I had the Pearl last week and after just a few days, returned it for the Curve; mainly because of memory issues, but wow!! what a difference that extra memory makes in the Curve. The Curve is far superior IMO.

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    Well envy got the best of me stopped by the verizon store and traded the pearl for the pink curve. I was so inspired by all you who love your curves. This could get exspensive!! How will I keep from being green with envy over the storm! Lol

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