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if i upgraded n bought my curve from will i still be able to ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    buying from


    if i upgraded n bought my curve from will i still be able to change plans with tmo. or its the same as buying it from tmo. directly.

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    Re: buying from

    I believe you can still change plans, just cannot cancel service or you get 2 ETF's - one from T-mobile, and one from Let's Talk. I would double check though by calling them.
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    Re: buying from

    ~via BB ( check there rebate polices letstalk is one that has some strange rules like having to be on the same rate plan 4 months after upgrade. You will be able to take advantage of of the fly for free promo this weekend.

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    Re: buying from

    i got my curve off also.. changed my plan in a week from family myfaves to family talk 1000.. changing your plan shouldn't be a problem, but like what greenandgold52 said.. check if you can still redeem your rebates!

    all of mine still work but there is one that requires you to be a customer for 3 months before submitting.

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    Re: buying from

    Some also have no problem with a plan change, but you must call them and institute it through them. Just food for thought and something to check into. I went with a 3rd party and they require that any changes I do, I do through their operates for the fist 120 days and then my obligations to them are completed and I am free and clear. I can't complain as they saved me over $400 per phone (I bought 2), got me a 1 year contract, only a 120 day obligation to them and then obligation is completed, and they got the sign up fees waived as well (another $36 per line waived). All in all they saved me over $872 and that was a $522 total savings over the best deal that T-Mo could get me.

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    Re: buying from

    i was waened a while back about buying from sites like wirefly and letstalk. What i was told was you get a bang up deal on the phone but what happens if your late on a bill more than once they hit you for the hole price of the phone. I never have bought from them so i can't confirm or deny this claim
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