Well, after much searching, I am starting a new thread.
2 weeks ago my 8310 went for a swim in the kitchen sink while doing dishes. I pulled the battery and allowed the device to dry for two days. I turned it back on and most of the bottons did not work. So, in true BlackBerry style I took the battery back out, and stripped it down to its bits and peices. Once i got down to the mother board i cleaned all the contacts for the buttons and trackball, and reassembled. SOOO much better! now only the G and F button are inop (and space bar must be pressed hard for it to be recognized).
I am thinking that the buttons attached to the mother board (white plastic with metal contacts) may have some water under under it, or the adhesive that holds it down has come loose. I was wondering if it could be replaced, and if so where can I find one? Also, I was wondering if it would be possable to steal the switches out of a 8100 that I have laying around. I know that the key pads are different, but, can I take a single switch/contact out of the 8100 and use it for my 8310?
Thanks in advance.