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Hey guys! I've been really trying to configure my phones browswer from my 8310, all ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Browser configuration problems!


    Hey guys! I've been really trying to configure my phones browswer from my 8310, all the way to my new 8900. But still havin the same problem. This is what happens. I go to ( my bank to check my online info and transactions. Anyways when I open the easy web on the top right hand corner, I get a white screen with no further info like it normally should. Its suppose to ask for my bank # and password. Now I was told to enable Javascript, so I did so, and then I only get a pop up and unable to "exit" the pop up. So I'm still screwed!! Can't do it! Then I tried Opera mini, and it was a lot better but when it asked me for a "secret question" to answer, I put in the answer to it, but re-directed me back to my banking information, only it cleared all fields and its like I have to do it all over again. It does that over and over. My question to you all stackers, a detailed step by step instruction In getting this to work!! What settings need to be checked and what shouldn't be. Pease help! Thank you!!
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    Unfortunately most banking websites require a more secure browser than phones have. Unless the bank offers a mobile version of the site, you won't be able to do it. I have the same problem with bank of america's main site. Luckily, they have a mobile site so I can now get on. I don't think you can change any of the settings in your phones browser or opera mini to make it work. you might have luck with the new bolt browser, but I think its a long shot.

    Good luck!!
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