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I have an issue where someone (BOB) in my office can not add another person ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question BlackBerry Messenger


    I have an issue where someone (BOB) in my office can not add another person (TOM) into his contacts for BlackBerry messenger. Ultimetly BOB and TOM can not communicate though the program. Both of them have the BlackBerry curve 8330.

    Is this a settings issue? Or might it have to do with the fact that maybe TOM has not accepted BOB's pin request?

    Thus far i have only spoken with BOB, but i am new with BlackBerry messanger and don't want to spend too much time trouble shooting the issue.

    maybe if messanger can be explained better to me other then my current knowledge that is it basically a free Instant Messanger type application that allows BlackBerry owners to communicate to one another.

    Feel free to contact me directly at...


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    could be that one peron hasn't acceped the others persons request....

    but I have also seen where the request looks to have gone through and it hasn't...I would delete the request and try again...

    and it's always good to Pull the battery out to reset the phone as well as resend the Services Books...


    is either of the BB phones on a BES server at work ? if so the BES admin may have blocked PIN - PIN messaging
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