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Ok, I know how it works, via your PIN, but I want to know how ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question Blackberry Messenger


    Ok, I know how it works, via your PIN, but I want to know how secure it is. I mean, if I gave you my PIN number, would you be able to find me at all via that? I don't give out my cell number to stangers so what is the difference in giving out my PIN? I enjoy meeting new people, as I have made some good friends via Message boards and Yahoo. I took off the BB Messenger because I figured I would never use it since it didn't seem safe to me.

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    Re: Blackberry Messenger

    Nobody can find you that way. Pin messaging and BBM are secure forms of communication. Someone could find you I guess if you said, " here's my PIN # to chat, oh by the way here's my address, and phone number, and this is waht kind of car I drive and yadda yadda etc....."

    Basically there is no harm in giving ppl your PIN as long as you use common sense.
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    Re: Blackberry Messenger

    Yeah.. if all they have is your PIN, they can't see any other information about you except whether you're available or not.

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    Re: Blackberry Messenger

    I would say for the most part its very safe unless someone is able to hack the bis or bes servers infos to be able to get your connected info from your pin device. But even then they would have to go through a series of other company servers to get your info from like your carriers info on who your device is registered to. But thats not a common thing. So to say.. its pretty safe to say that its safe to give your pin only out.

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