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I have had my 8300 for nearly a year, and had an 8100 for 6 ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Blackberry Health on my 8300


    I have had my 8300 for nearly a year, and had an 8100 for 6 months prior to that. I am BB savvy, but not an expert. I have only updated my OS twice, one month ago tothe latest AT+T (110).
    I do a fair amount of app sampling, and did so with 3 of the 4 Aerize trials (want to improve memory, but Card loader didn't cut it).
    Even though this is a bit like describing symptoms on WEB 8300 has been big time buggy since this latest (official) upgrade. My battery drainage is more dramatic, and lately the BB just shuts down (usually when browsing). Any anecdotal situations/remedies that would help me look to improve the health of my 8300? I think it ran better on the Rogers OS I had prior to this.
    I am a huge fan of browsing on it....definitely what I do most. My son's line is eligible for an upgrade, and I can use that if the 8300 is just going to be this buggy from this point forward.
    Thanks in advance Stackers for any advice

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    I would just revert back to the older OS
    if it worked out for you before I can't imagine why you would need to change anything.

    I know this one is the "official" release from (what I gather is...) your carrier, but if something you were using before was working better then what you have now just "downgrade" if you want to call it that, to the better OS
    hope this works out well for you let me know if you need help doing this...
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