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Hi Guys i had a query regarding Blackberry Data, With my network provider as i ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Blackberry Data Allowance


    Hi Guys i had a query regarding Blackberry Data,

    With my network provider as i work as a staff member i get 3gb Fair Usage Data bundle to use with my Blackberry.

    However im going to a consumer contract with 250mb allowance a month. The Blackberry Internet Service package along with mins and texts.

    Does that cover Browsing, Emailing, Downloading etc.

    I heard around 6MB is equivalent to 3,000 e-mails correct me if im wrong?

    Will the data allowance i have of 250mb be enough?? is it a rarity for ppl to go over their allowances.

    Also whats the difference between GPRS and Edge? im confused....

    Can also someone please awnser some questions below also, sorry if they sound really stupid and no one can be asked to awnser them here goes....

    How does the Blackberry push e-mail technology facility work e.g. with my Gmail, is it through GPRS or WAP im using a BIS consumer account. Does it really matter how fast it is, is there a specific time it comes through i presume its real time. If i was to explain to a newbie that is, i work in a phone shop we dnt get that much training with Blackberries!

    Also if i was to open my emails in Gmail on my BB would they be shown as open when i login in to my main PC?

    Can i keep emails for a certain amount of time and re-send if need be or is there a specific time frame etc.

    With 4.5 i knw everyday there seems to be a new version released im quite new to Blackberry and i think its great it does everything i want it to do. Is it worth upgrading the Video recording would be sweet is the camera also there in the update would that not get changed.

    Would 4.5 upgrade by itself when im in desktop manager, when doing the upgrade do i keep the sim and memory card in or do i take the latter out.

    Is Blackberry messenger free of charge, so can i talk to someone in USA while im here in the UK and it would come out of my data bundle.

    Is Pin only free of charge if that person has a Blackberry in that particular country i presume it would cost say if i was to speak to a mate in india who has a Blackberry through Pin. If it was UK if i knew someone else without one i can speak free of charge using data bundle.

    Sorry for the stupid questions just curious any help would be appreciated.

    Was i wrong to purchase the 8320 and wait for the Bold, this is my first Blackberry so im looking to understand it. Is it easy to use etc.

    Apologies for long thread,



    (Ive posted this thread on my other posts dont think anyone wants to awnser it, sorry if im asking too many stupid questions etc.

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    Those are a lot of questions to answer at one time, my friend!

    The data package covers, e-mail, internet, downloading BlackBerry Messenger.....anything that requires data transfer.

    If you're only going to use your device for e-mail, then yeah, 250mb would probably be fairly sufficient, but if you use it for anything else, you'll burn through it pretty quick, ie BlackBerry Messenger. FYI, the BlackBerry Messenger is PIN-to-PIN, meaning it's BlackBerry-to-BlackBerry communication only, using data.

    EDGE vs GPRS.....EDGE offers faster data transfer rates. Here's a decent explanation of the difference.

    Push e-mail does not happen in true real time, but from my experience, there isn't that much lag time between the time it hits your desktop to the time it reaches your device.

    I believe if you're using IMAP vs. POP, then messages will show as read on your PC when you read them on your device.

    You can keep your e-mails on your device indefinitely, but you will want to try and keep your device as clean as possible since space can be at a premium if you're usng a lot of 3rd party applications.

    I haven't personally used the video recording feature of the 4.5 OS yet, but there are other features that make it worthwhile to me, like HTML e-mails and document manipulation.

    You have to physically download and install an OS on your desktop and then use the Desktop Manager to load it to your device using these instructions.

    You can leave your SIM card in when doing an upgrade, but it is advised that you remove the media card. In fact, you should dump the card to your PC and then reformat the card in the device after you've done the OS upgrade.

    As I said above, the messenger app is part of the data plan and therefore free (within your data plan limitations).

    No, you were not stupid to purchase the 8320. It's a great device! The Bold has gotten a lot of rave reviews from people who have them, but the 8320 is awesome in its own right.

    Anyway, welcome to PinStack, guru! Hope I've satisfactorily answered all your questions!


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    roger you are such a bad A**!!
    if that didn't answer all of his questions I don't know what would!

    I personally would go with an unlimited data plan, the 250mb will work for a while but once you find out how awesome the BB is you'll burn through it really quick!
    *just my two cents*
    "If you ever lose your keys in a river of molten lava, let 'em go, cus' man, they're gone!!"-Jack Handey

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    Thanks Roger,

    It awnsered all my questions pretty much i think im safe in the knowledge that ive purchased an excellent device and im looking forward in joining in to the Blackberry Revolution.

    Also as you mention PIN uses up a lot of Data Allowance, does it use your data while running in real time?

    Also web browsing i presume will take up a lot of data also depending on the website i go on etc.

    Apologies once again in asking so many questions

    Sorry if that sounds a bit OTT,

    Kind regards,

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