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So,I've had my Curve for a little over a month now. I've had some issues ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    BlackBerry Curve...I'm sold.


    So,I've had my Curve for a little over a month now. I've had some issues with it,but it's been a pretty solid device. I've used many different phones over the years since my addiction began back when I was about 14(I'm 24 now). Like most people I started out with dumbphones but graduated to smartphones when I was about 18. That's when I got my first Windows Mobile device(Audiovox 6700). That was cool,but not for long(that's usually how it works right?). So I went on to get many other smartphones down the road. The one that actually kept my attention for a long time was my Nokia N95. That's the best device that I've owned so far(maybe). It did everything that I could ever want and more. The trade off though was poor battery life and no physical keyboard. So,now we enter the BlackBerry Curve 8330. At first disappointed was an understatement. The O.S. was ugly and list heavy(Symbian is FULLY customizable),the form factor wasn't my favorite(I like sliders),the multimedia features were ok and the browser was not up to par. Now it's a month later and I love this damn Curve! Why?,is probably the question running through your head. The O.S. may be a bit textual(you get used to it),but you can customize it quite a bit(hiding/moving icons) and there's a ton of themes to make it look however you want(Bold_Curve_Sans-bottom dock is awesome!). The multimedia features still aren't up to par with my N95,but they get the job done. The form factor has grown on me big time! I really don't remember how I survived without a keyboard. It's a must have from this point forward. The Curve has grown on me. That's seems to be how it works with Blackberry devices. At first they don't do everything that you want,but then the things that it can do become the things that you need. RIM definitely knows how to design a smartphone and O.S. to be something that you grow to love and appreciate. Basically,I couldn't imagine not having my Curve. Sure,there's some features that I wish that it had (3rd party apps help out a lot!). And Opera Mini makes web browsing a much better experience. At the end of the day it's such a solid smartphone that it's hard to complain too much. I had many different smartphones before this one and always HAD to tweak and customize so many different things to make it usable(I'm looking at you Windows Mobile). The Curve is completely usable and feature rich out of the box(thanks to RIM and Sprint). That's the beauty of the Curve when it all is said and done. You really don't HAVE to do anything to it to make it work. It just works! Now,is it as good as my N95? Yes and No. It's better at some things and no as good at others. What it is good at is being a solid phone/messaging/e-mail device. It's also a pretty decent multimedia/browsing device. It gets the job done extremely well in some places and done pretty well in others. Bottom line is that it gets the job done. I'm completely happy with my decision to get a BlackBerry Curve. The best part about the whole thing is that I got it for free(contract renewal)! So can I really complain? The answer is a very firm no. I'm sold. RIM is on top right now for a reason. I'm officially addicted!

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    The enter button is your friend!
    I know what you mean, I have an N95 in my closet right now. I loved that thing for a good month.. GREAT phone, for a non-Blackberry. Blackberrys just get things DONE. Welcome to the BB world, enjoy your stay.

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    I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying your 8330. In my opinion its one of the best of all BlackBerry models. They are very well designed and as you know first hand, the keyboard is terrific. I've had a few 83xx Curves myself and they've all been great.

    Cheers ....
    ~via Android Powered Agora Pro ~

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    I share Arch's sentiments. Probably the best handheld RIM has produced to date. Just bought another from a fellow Stacker in case I need it to keep me going till they release one with a good browser and trackball that isn't buried.
    Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm

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    Great review!

    And I'm glad to see another addict get onto the good stuff. ;-)
    ~via BB (

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    Reading that hurt my eyes lol

    Nonetheless I agree with you (OP) on the Curve., it is an amazing device that gets the job done. I've been part of the Blackberry world since mid December of last year and plan on remaining loyal to the RIM family of Blackberry's.

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    I agree. The 83XX series is a work horse. I used to swear by my 87XX, cuz that phone lasted forever. The Curve just works, and works well.

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    Ditto what Archer and Adict said-the Curve is the backbone of the RIM lineup, Im still liking my Bold though. Ive owned like 5 Curves and NEVER had an issue with any of them.

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    Ask Me
    Welcome to the addiction dudrsnacks!! I LOVE my curve, welcome to pinstack as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dudrsnacks View Post
    At first they don't do everything that you want,but then the things that it can do become the things that you need.
    That sums it up right there why i love BBs. My older brother, who was a palm loyalist for the past 6 years just got a BB yesterday. He called me to apologise for ignoring my recommendations to get a BB for the last couple of years. After one day with the curve, he told me that he dont understand how did he do without a BB for all these years.

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    Ditto that for me! I have used a BB Pearl 8100 and a move north forced me into a new carrier. I went with VZW and looked at the Storm hard, but decided I wanted a real keyboard. I have been using the Curve 8330 for less than a month and love it. Course my experience with the Pearl had already sold me on the whole BB experience!

    Welcom to the Stacks, lots of good folks here...

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    I glad that you are happy with your Curve. It's the best phone on the market today.

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    I feel the same about my Blackberry. Ever since I upgraded from my Palm Treo 700wx I have been in cell heaven with my curve.

    The addiction only gets worse, welcome to crackberry!
    Blackberry 9630, FTW and Palm Treo's!

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    WOW.... Um yea... the Curve is a great device. I had one beƒore i was blessed with the Storm.

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    I keep flirting with other devices and coming back to the Curve. I was like that for a long time with the Treo 650, in the pre-EVDO days with Sprint. I owned it about 6 times, trying several Windows Mobile devices, dumbphones and other things, but I would always be back. Palm and I parted ways a while ago (I liked the Centro and I might try out the Pre but the Palm OS is dated now). Now I have the Curve 8330. I have owned 3 red ones and 3 titanium ones. The latest titanium one I got for free at Best Buy. In between, I tried the Touch Pro, the Diamond (twice), the Samsung Rant, the Treo 800w and probably a couple of others, and I keep coming back to the Curve. It may be a little less capable as a multimedia device, but moodio and other 3rd party solutions have juiced it up for me. 4.5 upgrading helped too. The Bolt Browser is terrific. I can use it as an EVDO modem for free (thanks Sprint!) and now we have MMS. As far as messaging goes, there is nothing better (IMHO). BB Messenger lets me stay in touch with my family and friends in other countries for free. I can't say enough about it. The only place I see myself going now is to the Niagara when it comes to Sprint. Until then, I am here to stay. It has been 2 months with the latest Curve. It seems for now, this gadget slut is being monogamous.

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