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I recently bought my blackberry from a friend of a friend for $45. It is ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Blackberry Curve Can't Find Network!!! Water Damage


    I recently bought my blackberry from a friend of a friend for $45. It is in ok shape but has some nicks and scratches, no big deal. I was told it had a problem reading sim cards.

    I recieved the blackberry, put my sim in and it worked! I was able to make calls and texts, and everything was good, until It just said NO SERVICE. Then i got a new Sim cause I thought that might of been part of the problem it worked for a little bit on and off and then it just started sitting and staying on Searching for Network. After a couple of minutes, It would go to No Service....

    So for about a day, it woulf work really randomly sometimes for 5 minutes, sometimes for 5 hours. wehn it would stop, I would turn it off and take out the sim and out it back in, and sometimes it would work. Now it won't find the network at all.

    I thought the warranty would fix it for me, but then I noticed the white fuzzy thing, was indeed not white......... I was soooo mad. A broken bb is one thing, but a water damaged one is a whole nother... So now I don't know what to do. Everything on the bb works, except the camera, but I really don't care. I don't know if that is from the water damage, but I couldn't care less.

    To wrap it all up, can I save this bb???? Thanks I really appreciate the help.
    BTW, sorry if this is in the wrong spot or somthing, I am new to the forums.

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    To start with, welcome to the Stacks! Great group here so hopefully we can get you sorted out as well as possible.

    I'm sorry about the troubles you a are having. I'm a little concerned about your friend of a friend selling you a water damaged electronic device -- that's just not cool!

    Unfortunately, the symptoms you describe are somewhat fitting from the water damage and sadly, if the phone has already been damaged, there isn't much that can be done after the fact. The corrosion has already happened and there is really no way to repair it. Sorry for the bad news.

    I'd attempt to get your money back. I'm sure there is "friend politics" going on there so good luck. That $45 could go a good way toward a brand new or refurb unit from your service provider and if you re-up your contract, you may be able to get a great deal. I got my Curve for $49.99 with no rebate or anything and I didn't even have to renew my contract.

    Again, good luck!
    As always, just my opinion...
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