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I’m leaving for Singapore on Sunday so I wanted to switch from my Rogers 8900 ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question Blackberry Curve 8300


    I’m leaving for Singapore on Sunday so I wanted to switch from my Rogers 8900 to my unlocked 8300. When I went to charge the battery – nothing happened after being plugged in for days.

    I ordered a new battery… When it arrived it had a bit of a charge so I plugged in my berry to charge the battery the remaining amount. It worked for days without having to be charged but when the battery was completely depleted – nothing happened when I plugged it in.

    I plugged it in this morning before I left for work but I’m trying to do some research to see if anyone else has had this issue so I can test a few theories when I get home this evening. It doesn’t seem like many people have actually figured out the cause of this or a solution. Maybe the solutions just haven’t been posted or I can’t find them.

    If anyone has a suggestion, I would really appreciate it. I could get my 8900 unlocked but I’d rather not risk losing it/damaging it on my holiday.

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    Sounds like you have either a bad USB cable/charging cable or a bad USB port on your BB. Try with a different charging adapter or USB cord. Ca you connect to your computer with the USB cable? Does your computer recognize it, does the BlackBerry Desktop Manager connect?

    Try to narrow it down to either a USB port failure or a cord failure....hopefully it's just the cord. Replacing the USB port can be pricey.
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    I have a similar problem in CAR, one USB car charger works well and other does not for my BB8310, where as both the chargers work for my wife's BB8310!

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