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Was reading some online news the other day and notice Foxy Brown (a Rap artist)has ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    BlackBerry, A Weapon?


    Was reading some online news the other day and notice Foxy Brown (a Rap artist)has juist been hit with another Felony Charge.

    Apparently she was in a heated argument with some woman and out of nowhere she slapped her accross the face with her Blackberry; she was charged with Assult, something else and get this - Weapon charges, based on the way she used her BB.

    So. The moral of this little. Story is be very careful when pissin someone off when their using their BB!
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    Re: BlackBerry, A Weapon?

    I think there was an earlier post about Foxy and her notoroius BB weapon.

    A few years ago Sprint did a commercial where two guys were in a locker room. One said his new Sprint phone had a security system. He told his buddy to try and attack him. When he did, he hit him in the head twice by throwing the phone.

    While I'm not advocating throwing your phone or violence in general, I can't help but wonder now if Foxy saw that commercial?

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    Re: BlackBerry, A Weapon?

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