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Dear all, Today i recieved a brand new Orange Blackberry 8320 Emerald on Orange. I'm ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Blackberry 8320 Orange


    Dear all,

    Today i recieved a brand new Orange Blackberry 8320 Emerald on Orange.

    I'm very excited however its a bit longer of a wait for me for my number to port over etc. Im moving my Pay as you go Number to monthly they advised i wait 24 hrs etc.

    Now the issues i have is intial set up etc.

    Do you think i could do the 4.5 update, i believe the official one has been released right and its on the home page.

    Once the upgrade is complete, can i set up my e-mail etc.

    Also whats the easier way to show Sim Contacts on a Blackberry without the need of copying to phone i have over 100+ contacts i dont really have the time.

    Is there a default memory avaliable etc.

    Also how can u lock the device?

    And finally on the 4.5 upgrade i believe a video camera is avaliable will the camera stay so that i can take still pictures etc.

    Looking forward to hearing from everyone,



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    I love my 8320, and yes it has video! The software upgrade is unaffected by your service. Also when you do the initial setup it prompts you to copy contacts from sim. My experience in 7 yrs phone sales has shown it may not be the best, but it is easier to edit a bit of 100 entries than to re-enter them all. Now email setup is contending on the sending of your service books which cannot be done until your port is finished. The HTML email is worth the wait!

    Hope this helps . . . and feel free to PM me with any other Q:s

    Good luck! I am loving my 8320 I won on here!

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    Guru, You can do the upgrade without fear and you should be able to set up your email from your phone or your provider's web site. If your previous device was a Blackberry simply execute the "Switch Device Wizard" in Desktop Manager" and let it do its thing. (You first plug in the old device and, at a point where it asks for the new PIN, you unplug the old and plug in the new device) and continue.

    No default memory available but you can use a media card for your music, photos, etc.

    Don't understand your question about locking the device but go through the setup procedure and maybe that will answer your question.

    The camera on the 8320 will be both the still and the video - you'll have the selection of either.

    Hope that helps.
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