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Hey Stacker's I'm having some problems with my curve, Within the last couple of days ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question Blackberry 8310 AT&T Losing SMS and Call Logs intermittently


    Hey Stacker's I'm having some problems with my curve,

    Within the last couple of days I've been losing my call logs/SMS messages. The phone has been deleting them without my permission or knowledge. I tried the usual, Deleted a few themes and unnecessary programs. I first started off with an available memory of about 12 MB. I deleted a few programs and themes and brought it up to about 14 MB. I pulled the battery and did a few resets and it came to about 18 MB available memory. Good right? I was thinking so but not really. The next day the Blackberry did the same thing, Deleted my SMS and Call Logs. I checked the system and i had about 18 MB free. At this point (baffled) I did a battery pull, Check my settings (I do not have any email readers loaded), looked for anything unusual. Now Ive been trying to think if i installed any programs recently. The only thing that comes to mind, is that i just installed the new themes Blackberry made available(the new Zen and scribble). I have been using the new ZEN theme consistently throughout. This curve is my personal phone (Light Messaging/Email), I also use an 8830 Blackberry for work and haven't been having any problems with that. Now another interesting point is, sometimes I have a wide range of 14 MB to 29 MB of available memory. This occurs without changing or removing programs/Themes. Sometimes I get 14 MB of free memory when I have only 10 messages and sometimes I'm getting 29 MB free with over 30 messages. It really has "baffled" me. Has anyone else had any problems with these new themes? The New Zen theme in particular? Or just in general?

    I have one more question. I have some themes on my Blackberry i Don't want to lose that Ive purchased. These themes are no longer available through BB If i have to upgrade or reload my OS. How do i Insure i don't lose these themes? Will a simple back up do? How do i save the themes for safe keeping all by themselves in a folder?

    Any help is appreciated Gang.. Thanks for reading...

    I'm using a Crimson Blackberry 8310

    OS -

    Platform -
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    Re: Blackberry 8310 AT&T Losing SMS and Call Logs Intermittently

    Maybe try to load the new OS ... i think taht can fix the prob ....

    if you can't load the ....

    i'm not sure but that can be a way to fix it

    good luck dude
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    Re: Blackberry 8310 AT&T Losing SMS and Call Logs Intermittently

    I'm but completely sure if this is true, but I read a post yesterday wher someone said that if they were downloaded ota they don't get saved on a back up. I hope someone else knows different. I'd love to know how to restore or transfer them. I try to get zip files to save to my computer for themes I really love.~via BB (

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    Re: Blackberry 8310 AT&T Losing SMS and Call Logs Intermittently

    For the call logs check this thread #15

    How many themes do you have installed? It sounds like a lot. I would only keep a few on your BB at a time.

    To back up your themes you can use this thread:
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