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I installed the Mini version 4.2 about 6 months ago on my BB Curve and ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    BlackBerry 8310 - Mini Opera Not working


    I installed the Mini version 4.2 about 6 months ago on my BB Curve and the browser was working great. For the last week or so, everytime I try to open the browser I get a message saying "Failed to the connect to the internet. Go to with your desktop browser or contact your service providor for internet settings"
    So I uninstalled the browser and reinstalled it. I get the same message now while I try to run the software after I have downloaded it. I have rebooted the BB after removing the battery and SIM card for 2 minutes and still no difference.
    I have contacted my service provider and they say the settings are fine as the default BB browser is working fine.
    What is the problem and what are my options?
    Please Help

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    Do you have other browsers and do they connect OK? Something changed in the last "week or so" that has cause this problem. Could you have changed a setting? Can you backtrack in your mind to something you did about a week ago that might be the cause? I've been using 4.2 for a long time too without a problem.
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    what version are you using? Another stacker reported similar issue. The version that works best is 4.2.13337. Is this the one you are using?
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