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I have the Powerstation desktop charger and it's fine for charging my 8320. I also ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    BlackBerry 8300 Series Powerstation


    I have the Powerstation desktop charger and it's fine for charging my 8320. I also bought a USB to USB lead in the hope that I could use it to synchronise with Desktop Manager. I can't get it to work - am I missing something? Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not exactly sure what you're asking.

    Have you ever sync'd your device before? What does it have to do with the powerstation? Can you elaborate?

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    ~via BB ( powerstation shouldn't even be affecting the usb cables. When you connect your device to your computer in the bottom right hand corner does it show that you have connect a rim handheld or anything along those lines?

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    I'm a little confused what you're asking since the powerstation has nothing to do with the desktop syncronization.

    With that said, did you install the latest Desktop Manager software? It includes the drivers needed for your Windows computer to see your Blackberry and synchronize with it.

    Also of note -- you have to have something to synchronize the BB with -- MS Outlook, or the like. Otherwise, all you're doing is charging / backing up the device.

    If you plug in your BB to the computer via USB, as jonnyxedge said, you should see an icon in your task bar. If not, you're missing the drivers for the device.

    Good luck!
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