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Hi, i recently had a problem wih my blackberry, so much so i had to ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Blackberry 8300 - Bluetooth GPS stopped working


    Hi, i recently had a problem wih my blackberry, so much so i had to wipe handheld and redo enterprise activation etc. But since then my gps doesnt seem to work properly. It was working fine before the wipe, and my bluetooth car kit still works but for some reason my bluetooth gps doesnt. When i open up blackberry maps it just says searching for satillites, on some other gps programs it just says cannot connect.

    However if i go to my bluetooth paired devices and delete the bt gps off the list and then add it again my gps programs work fine but as soon as i close the application and open it up again it is back to the original state of not working. Therefore everytime i want tot use gps i have to delete the pairing and add it again.

    It has been like that for about 2 weeks now, i have even tried another wipe handheld (including third party software) but it still doesnt work.

    Has anyone got any ideas. Thanks

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    The only thing that runs through my mind, have you saved the settings once you have it all working?
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