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    Question BIS Issues


    I'm not sure if it is a carrier problem or a device problem but Im experience issues with the Blackberry Internet Service. I get sms and emails but surfing the web I constantly get the "requesting" status until I get a communications error. This is with all websites and not particular to any one. I have two curves on a family plan and the other curve will load pages perfectly while my device sits right next to it struggling to go to the same page. I also am experience trouble with MMS messages. I was unable to retrieve two pics for two days. I don't want to call AT&T as I have no trust in them since my last call resulted in a battery pull as the only option to solve a problem. I have reloaded the service books and cleared the error console. I have even deleted all unused applications and clear the cache and browsing history. Im running out of options and would like to know if there are any other stackers experiencing the same problems.

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    ~via BB ( does sound like its your phone since the other one works. I don't have a solution for you. Apart from call for a warranty. Hopefully someone here has a better answer

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