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Well what a day its been on the first day using the Curve. Almost makes ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Big Calendar Problems "Appointment Deleted Externally"


    Well what a day its been on the first day using the Curve. Almost makes me miss the days of the simple Treo crash ;-)

    The story so far. I wanted to sync my calendar with my google calendar. With much poking about I came across CalendarShare from saraiya dot com (I guess I'm not allowed to post URLs?) Which was fabulous, right up to the point when it suddenly wasn't.

    For some reason a bunch of the GCal items disappeared which they swore blind had nothing to do with their app (although they disappeared over the exact period CalShare was syncing with. Ok fine).

    So I started to put my calendar stuff back in manually and I came across a whole bunch of entries on the Blackberry Calendar that when I try to open them say "Appointment deleted externally. Changes will be lost and the viewer closed". The only option I have is OK. I go to delete them - but these items won't die!

    Has anyone had this error, and how do you get rid of items that BB refuses to delete??

    I've tried restarting both soft (alt caps del) and hard (remove battery and count to ten)

    And I can't figure out how to remove this app, I guess I'm a newbie on this. But I think the damage has been done. I think I need to blank out all the data and just start over.

    But I figure someone has to have come across this before. Can you tell me how you have resolved this? Either this error or how to restart and blank the memory out or how to delete a persistent app.

    Its so weird losing control of items that are right on my handheld device. Very unsettling. Thanks again everyone.

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    Re: Big Calendar Problems "Appointment Deleted Externally"

    ps I went to the Backup and Restore on the Desktop and went to the Advance settings where I chose the calendar and deleted the database. Sure enough everthing came off EXCEPT these phantom entries. So I guess that tells me that I don't know where they are living - how is the calendar accessing these entries that don't even exist according to the blackberry database. Curiouser and curiouser.....

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    Thumbs down Same here!

    Hello out there! I'm having exactly the same problem as the previous poster and it's driving me nuts! I've not yet tried a hard reset but may try that to see if those annoying appointments disappear. If I can find a way of getting rid of these 'onerous' appointments, I'll post again. If anyone out there can help with our problem, please post a message. I've had my Blackberry for about 3 weeks now and am very new to the whole 'system' - I'm no technophobe but this one's got me stumped!

    Many thanks.


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    As a former Treo user also, I can fully appreciate your quandary. I recall having these issues early on too, but I don't remember what I did to resolve it. I think the problem fixed itself because I had to return my first Curve due to a screen issue. Ultimately, though it won't be fun, you can wipe and re-sync your device, however (the equivalent of a "hard reset" in Windows Mobile terms). I think that was what I did, come to think of it.

    Not a pretty solution, but it should work. :P Hope it helps...


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