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Originally Posted by Mr D Did you order the 17 or 15 inch? ----- I ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr D View Post
    Did you order the 17 or 15 inch?
    I gave the display size a lot of thought, & ended up ordering the 17". It will be the first time I've had this size & I'm really looking forward to it. As far as the extra size & weight is concerned, I still plan on carrying it daily as I would a 15. I'm 6'2" and not sensitive to a larger machine. Plus I've always liked that particular machine so I thought I would buy one while they are still available.
    I ordered the hi res display.

    via Red BB Curve 8310

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    Re: BB Curve vs. 5th Gen Ipod

    I find it the height of hypocrisy that Apple were one of the loudest voices complaining against the way Microsoft made it difficult to interface applications other than their own with the Windows OS and because they would not release source code.
    Now look at what's happening with latest generation iPods, they have software that refuses to work with anything other than iTunes to synchronise music and video. I know it has been circumvented since then but the intent is clear to see.
    The iPhone is only available on selected networks and they don't want it being 'liberated'.
    I don't like the dictatorial attitude they are taking these days.
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    Re: BB Curve vs. 5th Gen Ipod

    Quote Originally Posted by ScottMB4 View Post
    It is really hard to compare the two. I guess it depends on your needs. Whether you want a phone, or a media device.
    When I get the urge for an Apple, I go to the produce section of my grocery store.

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