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So I've searched the forums, and I can't seem to find a specific answer to ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    BB Curve is Hanging...


    So I've searched the forums, and I can't seem to find a specific answer to my problem.

    My blackberry 8310 curve is taking forever to load anything. If I want to jot down notes, I get the little "working" icon. If I go to my media then I get the working icon. If I try and enter my password sometimes, I get the "working" icon. Eventually the curve will go to the application, but for some reason it's been happening more frequently. It's getting to the point where it takes five minutes for me to make a simple phone call.

    I've cleaned the memory, removed any unused applications, and it would seem that I have plenty of memory left. I have also formatted my media card as per some of the recommendations that I have seen on pinstack.

    One more thing:

    Sometimes, I don't get my missed calls, and my call log seems to automagically reset without being prompted.

    Here are the details.

    BB Curve 8310
    4gb Media Card
    Mac Zen Theme

    Can anyone offer any help as to my predicament? I'd love to start using my blackberry as a blackberry again. If this gets any worse then I'm going to use it as a toilet puck.


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    Head over to this thread in the OS forum...

    All those issues are discussed there. Basically what you describe are issue everyone had with .10 of 4.5.

    Happy Reading...

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    Thats an issue with the OS for some reason even people using the same OS version have different isues so i would suggest installing a different OS 4.5 18 is more stable google for it and u should be able to find it. But thats the only way i can think u be able to fix that problem

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    using the now and it seems to have cured similiar issues that i was having

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