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    Question BB Curve 8330 SPRINT Roaming Issue (Network Selection)


    I have had other smart phones for the Sprint network and have always had a choice of network selection between HOME, AUTOMATIC, or ROAMING. The issue I'm having the the Curve 8330 is there is no Roaming (Only) Mode. I have an issue at my mother's house getting coverage from Sprint. The coverage is in and out (on the fence). Because Sprint has slight coverage, it does not allow my Curve to stay in Roaming mode which makes me miss calls, drop calls, or the reception is terrible. Is there any way I can manually switch my phone to Roaming mode when I need to and switch it back to Home (Sprint) when coverage is okay? The automatic mode is not working for me.

    If anyone can help me out with this, it would be greatly appreciated.
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    I believe if you have the network setting to "automatic" it will switch between Sprint and Roam. Its been a while last time I was in roam, but I think it will display it where the signal strength displays.

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    pm me
    some of the betas for 4.5 had this option in it some one here may have it available some where or I could dig it out of my storage drive next time I get around to it. I have had this very same problem. sprint does not want you roaming or forcing roam .
    this is why the official sprint release of 4.5 did not include this feature..

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