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Hello everyone, has anyone ever tested a side by side comparison between the Blackberry Curve ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    BB Curve 8310 vs. Motorola Q9H


    Hello everyone, has anyone ever tested a side by side comparison between the Blackberry Curve 8310 and the Motorola Q9H?? I currently have the curve and was very curious about the Q9H in comparison. Now that Windows mobile 6.1 is coming out this could really be a good fight between the two. Would love to know everybody's opinion on this matter. The attractive part about the Motorola is that it has 3G. Blackberry curve 8310 neither has 3G and/or Wifi.

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    well I personally love my 8310, I mean would you really have much use for the 3g and the wifi, depends on what your looking for because the OS on blackberry's are much easier to upgrade customize not a big fan of window to be honest. So I would say it really depends on what your looking for.

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    While the 3G capability of the Q is nice, and a solidly built device, I still prefer the BB. My Curve seems much more stable than even new WM devices. I will say there is more 3rd party apps freely available to the windows platform, there is enough for the BB to use the whole functionality of the BB.

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    No Dont Do It

    WELL LOOK at it this way windows stinks on pc,how do you think the mobile version would be like?

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    My girlfriend has a Q9M, just the CDMA variant of the Q9H, and her battery life is horrible. I of course, prefer the Blackberry user interface, although there are a lot more software options for a WM-based phone. But I don't think there's a phone out there that can beat the Blackberry for the email capabilities.

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    Its like comparing apples to oranges. The real question is what you actually will be utilizing? As it has been previously mentioned stability and emailing are the main draws for any BlackBerry. The Moto has the windows backing which will allow for you to have much larger base for third party apps. However most aren't free or exactly inexpensive. So again its back to what you really want to use the phone for.

    As far as 3G goes the Moto might have the faster speed capability. But the browser isn't that great. Not saying BlackBerry browser is all that much better, but I think you'd find more happiness surfing on a Curve.

    Not to mention Motorola is in trouble as company. While RIM is ever on the rise!

    And the real kicker is having the support and backing from a huge support group. The BlackBerry community is awesome!~via BB (

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    That's easy...Motorola Q9H doesn't have PinStack BB 8310 wins hands down.

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    Well, between my bb 8700v and my lovely new bb 8310, i have used wm5 and wm6 and nokia e90 (sold it a month ago )
    beleive me, nothing is like the blackberry in stability, performance, everything works as it should to...
    when they added a camera and GPS to it, it became the perfect device in my opinion.

    try to answer an important call sometime using wm when it freezes for no reason and needs to be restarted (very frustrating)

    or when you pay a 1,000$ for a new and stylish nokia e90 and you spend one hour trying to get the IM client to connect when it was working normaly sometime before

    now i'm using everything on my curve for almost a month without any single problem.

    JiveTalk, GPS, messaging, HTML email viewer, etc...

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