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Greetings all, I just picked up a Blackberry Curve 8320 last week after trying to ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    BB 8320 (T-Mobile) Exchange Email Delivery Speed Random


    Greetings all, I just picked up a Blackberry Curve 8320 last week after trying to wait it our and see who was going to put out the best Blackberry before my contract with Verizon was up. Well T-Mobile won and I have been extremely happy so far with the device but I had a question regarding using my exchange work e-mail account with it and the speeds at which the mail is being delivered to the device.

    We are currently using Exchange 2003 but are not using BES. I have all of the mobile services enabled as well as all of the protocols (owa, pop3, imap4) enabled in Exchange 2003 and the mail seems to arrive at the 8320 at random intervals. For instance this morning I got an email sent to my GMail account that is setup on the 8320, and forwarded it to my work e-mail account which is also on the 8320 and it came through instantly. But then other times I will notice that I will see something come into my work account in my Outlook 2003 client and then take sometimes 2 minues or sometimes upwards of 15 minutes to arrive on my 8320.

    I don't see any latency between my GMail account, if I send something from my work account on my 8320 it arrives instantly on both the device and in my GMail webmail.

    So is there something that I need to do on the 8320 to take care of this delry of messages with my work e-mail account? Like I said it's totally random, sometimes I get it instantly or before even Outlook does, sometimes it takes 2 minutes or even upwards of 15 minutes. It doesn't seem to have any problems when sending from the 8320 using the work e-mail, just recieving.

    If anyone has any insight I would greatly appreciate it, this is my first BB so I'm still learning the ins and outs but man this thing makes life so much easier.

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    Re: BB 8320 (T-Mobile) Exchange Email Delivery Speed Random

    ~via BB ( what you have said you have theese accts set up through BIS. If that is the case the BIS autonmatically adjust how often it checks the acct based on how much e-mail you get. For example when I first set up my BIS I would get e-mail about 15 to 20 minutes after outlook. As BIS learned that I get more e-mail than anyone man can respond to it started coming in faster and faster and I nw get mail usually right after it was sent.

    Hope this helps.

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