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is it me or what. every now and then when i leave my room and ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    battery reset often?


    is it me or what. every now and then when i leave my room and go out and use the regular GPRS signal in the area (i dont get edge) then come back and try to reconnect to my home wifi network it doesnt work. like it will say its connecting but wont ever will, or it'll connect but no uma, the wifi icon is still grayed out..after i do a battery reset it usually works. any explanations?

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    Re: battery reset often?

    Are you using t-mobile? I hear that there so called seamless switch from wifi to service isn't so seemless! If you plan on going deeper into this problem by reload OS or upgrading BE CAREFULL!! The wifi program cant always be put back on the phone. Read up on it!

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    Re: battery reset often?

    I have T-Mo and have this issue occasionally, someone informed me to reset my router, which i did and all is working fine.

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