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How long does the 8320 batteries last? I am using a Tmobile Dash with WM6. ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Battery Life


    How long does the 8320 batteries last? I am using a Tmobile Dash with WM6. I tested it out my only texting and it only lasts me about 6hrs.

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    Re: Battery Life

    I recharge mine every 2 days and it is getting slightly better (only had for a week, but deep cycled the battery to get the best life). Wife is in the same boat (about 2 days). We don't text much, just calling and H@H usage, light surfing, lots of e-mail (50-200 a day), and wi-fi on all the time, with light BB messenger.

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    Re: Battery Life

    umm i listen to music and take calls all day long on the 8300 and it lasts about 10 ish hours...
    i do painting so when i say all day..i meen from 5am when i get on the train till 7 am when i get home that bb is pushing out music all day...

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    Re: Battery Life

    I ususally unplug my Curve (8300) from its USB cord between 6am and 6:30am, use it for calls, SMS, IM (using JiveTalk - on all day, logged into 3 IM providers), web browsing, weather reports (updated every 2 hours - BBWeather), some mapping (Google usually) and anywhere from 75 to 100 emails, along with other odds and ends. I'm not using it for a lot of music just yet. With all this, my battery tends to be at about 75% to 80% by about 8pm, and maybe another 5% down by 10pm, at which point I typically plug it back into the PC for the night for a sync and a charge. If I forget, it seems to happily get through day 2, with 30% left at the end of the second day.

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    i use it with heavy text web browse edge and wifi and instant message a few calls it last me about 2 days i charge it around 15-25 percent

    oh and some music too
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    Re: Battery Life

    ~via BB ( battery life is going to depend on several factors, usage type (voice, data, etc.) coverage area(low signal while pushing data = more power usage), etc. Modern phone batteries like the lithium ion do not develop memory, and actually do not respond as well to deep discharge, they prefer to be light cycled as much as possible. My suggestion is to get a backup battery and swap them when necessary.

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    Re: Battery Life

    i know my pearl lasted longer then my curve, but the still cant complain about how long the battery lasts, i can work a 12 hour shift, listening to music on low, texting and random calls. and it will last all day and through the night when i sleep, i end up charging it the next morning.

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