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~via BB Curve ( I too had some pretty poor battery performance, however it now ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Re: Battery life


    ~via BB Curve ( I too had some pretty poor battery performance, however it now seems to have gotten better (I have had mine for over 2 weeks now). Lithium-ion batteries do improve after initial usage so...
    Calls are the big battery killers for me but that's what the official figures will tell you as well, I mean if the device is rated for 5 hours talk-time I would expect a full charge to drop by 50% after 3hrs of talking. Having said that I do feel it could do better... Its quite a bit worse than the 8800. I had my screen at 100% and now changed it to 50% (not a big visual difference) we'll see how that effects things.

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    Re: Battery life

    Hi Folks,

    I have had my BB Curve for a week now. utilization about 150 emails a day from several accounts also hooked to BES Enterprise for work. BT stereo headset usage about 60 minutes per day (Moto s9) and moderate phone usage (30-45 minutes per day). I am getting more than 2 days life out of my battery. I have brightness on auto and vibrate set to 2 vibes. Not really seeing any issues with battery life at this time.


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    Re: Battery life

    I've noticed improved battery life since purchasing the Blackberry 8300 case with the magnet. Perhaps people with really poor battery life are not putting the device on Standby mode before slipping into pocket or purse. If it's not then the pocket/purse could be activating the backlight from trackball or other button press which would kill the battery quicker. I know I did the that first few day with my jeans pocket before realizing I wasn't putting it to sleep first. With the pouch, it does it for me.

    Just a though.
    Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand. -Homer

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    Re: Battery life

    So far the battery life on my Curve (owned for a little over 3 weeks, since I got one of the first ones from Vodafone UK) seems excellent and similar to my 8707v.

    I'm one of those people who tends to plug it in to charge at night, but I left it for a four days without charging and it was fine with normal use. Compares pretty well to my old Motarola and as I said, very similar to the 8707v.

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    Re: Battery life

    I've been happy with the battery life on the Curve. From my previous Perl, I don't see much difference in battery life. I have my screen set to auto-adjust based on light-sense and I use BT a fair amount as well as internet and emails. Generally, the same amount of use I put into my Perl (with the exception of additional use from a new device) :-)

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