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    Battery Life


    Just switched to a 9300 AT&T and so far it's been a great phone. I haven't had one single problem. Recently the battery has been draining.. I barely get 3 hours. I used to get a pretty good while off the battery. I have 2 apps, and everything is closed out. Anyone have any tips on drastically increasing the 9300 battery life?
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    Hi Blakeyates, Unless the device in question is properly looked at and the root cause of the battery drain is not found, I can only offer some generic troubleshooting steps to you.


    ◦ Use wall chargers as the preferred charging method


    ◦ Reduce volume

    ◦ Use headphones

    ◦ Load media using the Blackberry Desktop Manager (Avoids resizing)

    ◦ Turn off equalizer settings (Media – Options)


    ◦ Visit mobile sites where applicable

    ◦ Turn Repeat Animations to a lower setting (Browser – Options – General Properties)

    ◦ Close browser when finished using (close with ESC key, not red End key)


    ◦ Reduce Backlight Timeout (Options – Screen/Keyboard)

    ◦ Reduce Backlight Brightness (Options – Screen/Keyboard)

    ◦ Holster Smartphone (turns off LCD automatically)

    ◦ Set Audible Roll to mute (Options – Screen/Keyboard)

    ◦ Key Tone Off (Options – Screen/Keyboard)

    ◦ Use a sleeve when storing the Smartphone in a pocket

    Network Connections

    ◦ Turn off unused connections when not in use, i.e. GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

    ◦ Use Auto On/Off

    ◦ Use single mode only (1XEV, 2G only, 3G only)


    ◦ Use shortcuts instead of activating Java® menus (Browser – Options – Browser Configuration)


    ◦ Turn off flash (Camera – Options)

    ◦ Set picture size to Small (Camera – Options)

    ◦ Set Color Effect to Normal (Camera – Options)

    ◦ Set Picture Quality to Normal (Camera – Options)


    ◦ When exiting, be sure to close the app, not leave it running in the background (close with ESC key, not red End key)

    ◦ Log out of third-party applications when they are not needed (Instant Messaging, etc.)


    ◦ Set Audible notification to Off (Profiles)

    ◦ Turn off coverage LED (Profiles)


    ◦ Use the zoom out function to get the largest viewable area that you can still use usefully


    Check the troubleshooting at - free up device memory and see if this helps.

    Upgrade the OS to the latest version available,and boot up the device in the safe mode and check if the issue is with any applications.

    I'd say at this point I do not have a solution to your problem but I do admire the problem - feel free to email me whenever needed.

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