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1). How often are we supposed to backup our BBs through desktop manager? (I sync ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Backup ?'s


    1). How often are we supposed to backup our BBs through desktop manager? (I sync with outlook everyday)2). When you do backup do you delete the previous backup file from your PC?Just curious,Thanks, Keith.

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    Re: Backup ?'s

    I do a back-up once a week. I sync every few days. I do not delete the previous back-ups. I don't really have a reason to keep them, I just do. You never know when you might need to revert to an old back-up.
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    Re: Backup ?'s

    I back up between 2 and 3 times a week and keep all my backups (still have them from March when I had my 8100). The reason I keep them all is a few months ago I installed something (one of the visual voicemail programs floating around by simulscribe) and it corrupted my Profiles. Then when I tried to do a restore it would not go and stopped when it got to Profiles. I had to go back "in time" to a previous backup file a few weeks earlier.
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    Re: Backup ?'s

    I also do a backup about 2 times a week. Keep all the old ones too. I still have backups from phones that don't even exist anymore. You just never, never know when you're gonna need it.

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    Re: Backup ?'s

    ~via BB ( here. I backup a few times a week. I also had a program that corrupted my BB. Went to backup from last one done and it didn't work, had to go back in time a few days.. You just never know!

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    Re: Backup ?'s

    Quote Originally Posted by Caspan View Post
    I use BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) every thing is synced in Outlook the second I change it or add it. Backing up your device only really saves 3rd party applications and settings. So really only backup when you have to or you have made major changes. Even without BES every thing is in Outlook so as long as you sync often the only thing you will lose is settings and 3rd party installs.
    If you are on a BES, does the wireless reconciliation and sync also sync your settings? Profiles and Profile Options/Browser Configuration/Bookmarks/Message Options and all the other settings that are saved when backing up using Desktop Manager.


    Never mind, missed that last sentence. Sorry.
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    Re: Backup ?'s

    ~via BB (
    I do it once a week.Although it depends upon what am I doing.
    Unless you are installing lots of stuff or adding/deleting things I think even once per week is more than enough.
    For user that are on BES that is automatically done based on server configuration.

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