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    Question Back home to a BB, finally! :) Quick help on themes, though?


    Had a Pearl for years and loved it but had to ditch TMO and long story short, didn't have funds at time to get new Berry. Got set back up on a 8330 and am loving it. Two minutes in and I feel like I'm back home and everything works like it should intuitively. Getting it all tricked out and getting back the must-have apps from before, Google Sync, Handy Shopper, etc.

    What is stumping me, and I have read alot here and elsewhere, spent hours on it the other night, I can't get new themes installed, or showing up, more specifically. I DLed a bunch from (awesome themes!) and from reading understand I maybe need to download the OTA version of Plazmic theme reader for those to show up in available themes list, but every link I seem to find for that app leads me to dead end or broken link etc.

    Is this the only issue, I need to find a good link to Plazmic theme reader and then all those delicious themes I downloaded will show up in my list and I can try them out? I am 99% sure I did not ever have to download anything special on my Pearl to use the new themes I got...

    Oh while I have the floor for a moment, also, I am having a hard time getting Google Voice app to download, I visit the mobile page and click on Download This and it goes through the motions like it is downloading it but then nothing. Aren't OTA apps supposed to be self-installing (sorry if I'm not using the cirrect terms) but it's not like I need to go find the file in a DL folder or anything and install it from there, is it? Just trying to figure out how much has changed and how much has stayed the same since I've been gone for a year LOL...

    THANKS in advance for answers to what I hope are easy questions - so good to be back!

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    Hi Stacy- After you dl the themes- (or any applications) do you do a battery pull or soft reset? in order for the themes or apps to show on your list the mentioned step has to be completed-
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    Also, emarsha makes themes for the 8900 curve, be sure you are downloading themes for the 83xx series curves.
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    Aha! That's it, duh! All of the ones I got were for 8900 oops. Thanks for such a simple answer.
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