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What's up Stackland, My 8900/service has been awful the past couple of days. First, I ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    awful service? phone being screwy?


    What's up Stackland,

    My 8900/service has been awful the past couple of days. First, I was only getting GSM when at work. Weird, I've had 3 BBs over the past 2 years, and I randomly started getting that. So, I had to be on WIFI to get any messages/emails.

    Next, I noticed I was back on EDGE. But, I'm still not getting emails, cannot use Twitterberry, or the browser. So, I'm back on WIFI again so I can use this thing.

    I've pulled the battery like 5 times, I've resent service books like 10 times. I get the registration messages, but I'm still experiencing problems. What is going on with this thing!?!

    Anyone have any ideas???

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    Have you checked with any other BB users that are in your office? It could be a reception issue. It could also just be a bad BB or internal antenna.
    If no one else is having an issue, you can try doing a wipe & restore of the device and if that doesn't resolve your issue, you'll probably need to look at returning your device under warranty.
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    Call your carrier's cust service and see if they are having system issues. It could also be a BB/RIM system issue.
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    You might want to call your service provider and make sure that they have the correct IMEI also have them clear out the device and re-register the device on the network.

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    Had sme issues last weekend. Although at&t couldn't confirm, it was weather related in my area. I work 50 miles away and signal would be fine. Went away after 2 days here. Could be your issue.
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