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i've done some research regarding my question, but none of the topics covered what i'm ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    auto-open messages from holster


    i've done some research regarding my question, but none of the topics covered what i'm looking for.

    i read that messages (which include facebook messages/updates/etc) will only auto-open if i remove the phone from the holster within 15-20 seconds of the message arriving.
    however, with my last 8330, i was able to get messages to auto-open even after 15-20 seconds (which i read is not supposed to happen).
    the reason i say it would auto-open after 15-20 seconds, is because in class i leave my phone on silent and when i receive a message, i don't check it right away. but when i did check it, it would auto-open.

    i just recently got a replacement 8330 and now that function is not working anymore. it's gone back to, i guess you can call it, normal function; auto-opening only within 15-20 seconds after message is received.

    i know i'm being lazy for not just scrolling to the message folder and opening the message, but i like the idea of having whatever just came in to be opened automatically.

    excuse my long topic for a simple topic


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    ask me
    It just might be possible that your previous device was running an older OS than your replacement device, and that previous OS may have had that feature... (Unlikely, but from what you're saying, possible)...

    Maybe downgrading to the previously released OS by your carrier will do the trick?

    May be worth a shot if this is a priority for you?

    You'll be able to find detailed instructions for doing that right here in pinstack...

    Good luck...

    ~via smartphone~

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    i can say that man only last 15 to 20 seconds within it going off in the opition would be to set up a reminder that you have message and maybe then it will do what your asking
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