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Hi there--my first post here, my first Blackberry...please be kind! After having the Curve for ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Audio problem on Curve (I think!)


    Hi there--my first post here, my first Blackberry...please be kind!

    After having the Curve for six weeks, I started missing calls. I finally figured out that the ringer wasn't ringing, then tried voice dialing and couldn't hear the prompts, then tried speakerphone and no sound. I put the phone on vibrate, which works fine but I don't always hear it. I can hear the other party just fine on calls.

    I went back to the AT&T store for help and the sales rep pulled the battery, which didn't help, and then said I need to go through the warranty replacement process since I was just beyond the 30-day store replacement period. I found several reviews of Pearls that reported a similar problem. I asked the store sales rep whether this is a common problem with Blackberries and she said it can happen with any phone, not just Blackberries. After a runaround with the warranty replacement dept. at AT&T I've got a new Curve on the way (surely new not refurbished). But I'm wondering--has anyone else had this problem?

    Thanks much!

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    Re: Audio problem on Curve (I think!)

    Hello dnels and Welcome to PinStack!

    Sorry to hear about your issues with your Curve. I have heard of a few others with similar issues
    and some found work arounds for it, but you probably at this point did the right thing by replacing the device within your warranty period. What the sales rep told you is a "safe" answer often told by many ATT reps and probably indicates that he/she doesn't know.
    Hopefully the new Curve will be fine.

    Let us know if we can help with anything else once your new BB arrives!
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